Gretchen, (the) Gray Wolf
( April,1991 - April 22, 2003 )



What happened to Gretchen ?
How did she die ?

We have lost 6 of our dogs this year, and most often, we know that they have a heart condition, a cancer, old age or other condition and we know that their time is coming to an end.

Most often they need extra care and special attention for the last months, days or weeks of their little lives and we get a chance for extra bonding and to help comfort them with our extra attention and usually extra special food near the end.

With Gretchen, we had no warning at all. Although her hips were not as strong as when she was younger, and the heat on the campus walks would affect her more, she was in seeming excellent health.

However, in hind sight, and for future reference, twice in the week or so before her death, she would spin around in the car as if she were extra excited to be going somewhere or as if she needed to get out and go.

On her last day, and her last moments, she was where she loved to be the most - in the car with Clark, going to school. While he was driving on the freeway, she spun around, came into the front seat, went back into the back and laid her paws and head down between the two front seats near Clark's right arm while he was driving.

She was still for the rest of the way. Until he was able to get off the freeway and pull over, Clark did not know she had died.

He called me on the cell phone, "Gretchen's dead!" I screamed, "What !!" "Gretchen's dead."

"Come home!" I said, now very worried about my precious husband getting home safely.

He came right home and we took Gretchen to the Vet's office. We spent some time with her, feeling her soft wolf fur, hugging her for the last time - tears overflowing, hearts aching having to leave her there. I wish we could have had more time with her then.

She went to the Gateway Pet Crematorium where all our dogs go for a time, until they come back to us in a cedar box. Gretchen came back in a medium large box, and they saved Clark some of her beautiful wolf's fur. She sits in his home office with a special talking stuffed wolf toy we bought before she died. She was 12 years old.

Two other newer boxes sit next to her for now to keep her company, our little Woody, and Emma.

I have 3 newer boxes in my office for now, Petunia, Cecil and Otis.

Later most of them go into a special cabinet. Clark will keep Gretchen, and I will always keep my little Cinderella, my miniature Schnauzer who died at 14 1/2. She had a good long life and was ill and it was her time.

But we feel cheated with Gretchen being yanked from us so early and unexpectedly. At least she didn't have to suffer like my little Cindy.


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