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I am Melody Clark,
Web Owner & Author of the
Depression & Suicide Web Sites

A Necessary Statement

Please remember when viewing my sites that,

I am not a medical doctor,
licensed therapist,
or counselor

and cannot offer
personal counseling
via e-mail.

I am an ordinary lay-person in the process of completing my first book on suicidal depression.

  • I have learned how to successfully treat my chronic, severe, major, clinical, suicidal depression without drugs or herbs.
  • Now I am happy and symptom free.
  • I believe the methods I use should lead the way to a "New Standard" in the treatment of the depressions.

Photo and personal message.

I hope with all my heart you are finding at least some of the help you need from my web sites.

I want so very much for you to find a new, joyful & meaningful life after depression as I have.

With treatment you will be able to see that your new life has been there all along, waiting for you like a long lost love.

The arms of life are waiting to embrace you.



Who Am I ?
About the Author

I'm now 52 years old, still very happily married for 20+ years. We have no children but have 25 (now only 13) licensed & fixed formerly stray doggies ranging from Chihuahua to a Wolf-hybrid. I have had various occupations ranging from dental assistant to escrow officer & Notary Public. Personal Pages Home

Faced with a chronic, life threatening suicidal depression and unhappy with drug therapy, I have spent the last 17+ years writing and improving on my methods for treating my own depression.

Now I am determined to devote my life to sharing my unique methods to affect better, faster, and more individualized treatments for suicidal depression.

Through my work and experience, I have found that my methods of treatment can also improve the everyday moods and temperament of the average person. Even a violent temper can be moderated. Lives can be saved, marriage and family relations improved, promoting an overall more enjoyable life and peaceful world.

So, my cause has become not only depression, but the future of human emotions.

I have realized that at this time there is nowhere else to turn for the kind of crucial and ground breaking knowledge I have to offer. I intend to promote this new knowledge to the medical industry so that in generations to come, this will indeed become the new standard in treating the depressions, and bringing a new kind of happiness and well being to all human beings.



My goals are as follows..



Books in Progress
  • Depression and Thoughts of Suicide; From Crisis To Cured
  • Happiness is a Chemical in Your Brain
  • Emotions: The Biochemistry of Being
  • Dark Emotions; World Peace Through
  • Others on Marriage, Domestic Violence, and More...



Video Tapes for Depressed & Suicidal Persons



  • Individual Case Studies, before, during & after various treatments for depression.
  • Hope to feature live interviews of subject, family members, & physician.
  • Treatment Options: Will explore many different treatment options including my own.

Objective of Series



Basic, life-saving education for those who are considering suicide or those who are in the hospital after a suicide attempt.


a. Will show depressed / suicidal persons just how many treatment options are available.

b. Will help them choose the best treatment(s) for their symptoms and emotional makeup.


a. Education for family members to help them understand.

b. Help for families to survive the stress and anguish of having a suicidal loved one.


Will show how desperately depressed people were successfully treated and are glad to be alive !!



Suicide Urgent / Emergency Treatment Network


1. Development of an outpatient emergency injection for immediate relief of suicidal symptoms.

2. Locator service for local cooperative clinics.

3. Bio-psycho counseling would also be available.



Ortho-molecular Nutrient Pharmacy

Establishment of a non-drug "pharmacy" for doctor prescribed and self-prescribed formulas:

  • Customized Formulas
  • For More Precise Treatment
  • Lower Treatment Costs
  • Faster Results


Depression Magazine


To Help New Sufferers Take the First Steps:

  • Privately identify their own symptoms
  • Confirm and self-diagnose their problem
  • Validate their feelings
  • Obtain more immediate help
  • Obtain help with less reluctance



  • To help treated depressives keep up with latest treatments and studies
  • To help doctors keep up with latest treatments and studies
  • To educate & help family members
    • teach them to "believe" in depression
    • teach them how to help
    • to help them get through
  • To De-stigmatize Depression in Public Opinion



  • Self-diagnostic charts
  • Best current treatments
  • Doctor letters and interviews
  • Patient letters and interviews
  • Families letters and interviews
  • Directory of books on depression
  • Directory of help organizations
  • Appeals to the scientific community for more research
  • And More...


Public Speaking

Once I am an established author, I will begin public speaking on a regular basis to:

  • Medical Students
  • Doctors
  • Counselors
  • Self-Help Groups (depression, drug-abuse, violence, family crisis
  • Insurance Companies
  • Health Care Providers
  • Churches
  • Mental Hospitals
  • High School & College Students
  • ad infinitum


Supporting This Site

You can Find the Treatment You Need or Give a Gift of Hope to a loved one who may be Depressed

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