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I have been working from my home since 1997 and am a little rusty in real-time conversation about my work.  Before my book is published,  I would like the opportunity to brush up on my social interactive skills and develop more confidence and awareness in speaking with people in general, especially in groups.

I would like to come and talk with your small, informal support group, church group, discussion group or meeting, to answer questions and talk with you.

I would not be charging a fee at this time, because it would help me to get out of the house and talk to live persons as much as it might help anyone in your group :)

We can talk about depression, suicide, anger, marriage, stress and related issues such as:

Depression and Nutritional Treatment

Depression and Suicide in Children and Teens

Suicide Prevention in Schools

Anger and Relationships

Anger and Marriage

Marital Fidelity

Survivors of Suicide - to help understand suicidal depression from the inside, which might be helpful for many reasons.

Suicide - We could discuss and explore the topic of suicide in general - Is it a sin ?  Is it a choice ?

Caregiving - How to survive the caregiving needs of your parent(s) or spouse

I would like to hear your questions and thoughts on many of these subjects which will inspire me to give you mine :)

It would be most helpful if you could discuss this as a group before-hand, and decide together some of the questions you would like to ask me.

Maybe write some questions down to give to me on cards or a list which will help me stay on topic :)   Of course live questioning and spontaneity are great, but a little pre-planning would ensure that we would have something to start the ball rolling.

I don't wish to just come and speak in general to a group of individuals who don't know anything of me and don't have any particular interest in my work - not at this time.  I'm going to need some questions :)

If there is a group interested in working on treatment with nutritional supplements, I might be able to come back a few times if it would be helpful.

This offer is only for areas I can get to without too much driving :)  I live in Riverside County, California.

Afternoons are best, but we can negotiate the hours as needed.

Contact is a little tricky until I get to know you due to security and privacy concerns.  You will probably need to email, call, and/or fax to cover all bases.

Email is going to be the least effective; because of overwhelming  ,  I don't check my email very often - but please do start with that to help me know who you are, and that you are legitimate :)

This is a graphic and is not linked to avoid .

Then I would suggest a call to my voice mail 951-342-2112 to leave me a message and a number where I can call you back.  But another hitch - my phone number is blocked when I call so if  your phone doesn't accept blocked calls, until I know you better, I won't call unblocked.  My fax below is not blocked.

So that's why sending an email first is good.  On the voice mail, you can give me your name, tell me you emailed me and I can go and look for your email and reply to you that way.

Also, I do have a fax, and I hope that any viewers who run across this number, will please respect my privacy and not use it to try to reach me for counseling.  I need the fax for updating hotlines and other important uses.  So that said, I hope I don't have to change my number 951-361-1974 but that would be a good way to reach me if you want me to come to your group.

Sorry for all the inconvenience :)


Melody Clark


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