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Crisis Call Chart
Links to Online & Offline -- Suicide & Emotional Crisis Hotlines,
Counselors, & Therapists Which You Can Call or E-Mail


Don't Wait - Don't Hesitate
Crisis Counselors Are Waiting For Your Call


Suicide Crisis Hotlines
Suicide Prevention & Emotional Crisis Hotlines
Listings in 50 US States, Canada,
US National, & International


The Samaritans

About the Samaritans |
Free & Confidential
Emotional & crisis support via E-mail
for the suicidal or despairing

Answer usually in 24 hours

A Message from the Samaritans:

"Our mailbox is read every day of the year by a group of trained volunteers - all using the pseudonym "Jo". Callers are offered absolute confidentiality and do not lose the right to make their own decisions (including the decision to end their own lives). Your messages (and our replies) will be kept for 30 days at most. You may ask for earlier deletion of a message."

European Crisis Line


Metanoia Guide to Online Therapists & Counselors
Internet Therapists & Counselors
To Call or E-mail
Some Free - Some Fee


Teen Advice Online

Special Web Sites For Teens
Help Finding A Therapist


American Psychologic Association


Find A Psychologist


Call your HMO or Medical Insurance Provider

for a referral to a Therapist
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Lots of Links - Depression, Suicide & Mental Health Link Sites

Chat Room Links | Survivors of Suicide Sites | Teen Links & Chats

State & Local Crisis Center Web Sites

Increasing Suicide Prevention In Your Area - What You Can do
    • Suicide Prevention for Schools
    • Starting A Suicide Prevention Program
    • Starting A Crisis Center or Suicide Hotline
    • Donations for Suicide Prevention

Statistics For Students | Becoming A Crisis Counselor

Crisis Call Chart

Internet Hotlines, Counselors, & Therapists
You Can Call or E-Mail



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