When No One Knows Your Pain
A Place of Hope & Compassion for the Severely Depressed & Suicidal
Knowledge, Understanding, Treatment, Intervention
So that no one has to die.

I realize if you are here, your life
may be in danger.

You may feel that you can't go on another moment, another day.

Life may be absolutely unbearable. You may want to just close your eyes and cease to exist.

But death does not come so easily.  And although you cannot bear it, you still live on --- your heart still beats, your breath ceaselessly enters...

You need help
You need the torment to end
one way, or the other.

How will you make it through this
terrible time in your life ?

How can you believe
you will ever be cured ?

Let this site and others like it, be the living proof of a new life that exists for you, yet unseen.  You can believe in those of us who have been there before you.

Hear our voices calling to you in the darkness.  We have all been there where you are. We too felt there was no hope. Now here we are - we have made it through.

When you need it, this website will be here to take you by the hand, to understand how you feel, to comfort your suffering, hold on to your life, support you through crisis, and pull you through treatment.

Hang onto our voices, Our hearts ache for you. Our arms reach into the darkness to hold on to you - until treatment brings you through to a life without depression - to live and love life again... is a "Suite" of 9 Integrated Depression & Suicide Web Sites
Overcoming Obstacles to Treatment

Treat Depression - Have a Life

Author's Treatment:
"I feel cured everyday"
Men Men, You Are Our Heros

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