Melody Clark 8/1/04
June 2004 - Age 50

Hello, I am Melody Clark, Web Owner & Author of the Depression & Suicide Web Sites at,, and more


Remember, I have written every page to encourage you, comfort you and offer you a message of love and hope.

Life has cared enough about me to stop me from committing suicide and show me how to save my own life every day.

  • I have learned how to successfully treat my chronic, severe, major, clinical, suicidal depression without drugs or herbs.
  • I believe the methods I use should lead the way to a "New Standard" in the treatment of depressions, disorders and syndromes.

In I will be adding more info that will help you learn how to help yourself with nutritional supplements as I have for almost 30 years.

It isn't perfect - it's a pain and a hassle - but I am happy and almost always free from clinical depression.

However you choose to treat your depression - remember that love and happiness are created by chemicals in our brains.

Treating your depression can "treat" and improve many problems and relationships in your life.

Please remember when viewing my sites that, I am not a medical doctor, licensed therapist or counselor.

However, I am now offering free vitamin coaching via
Self-HelpVideo Chat.

I hope with all my heart that my sites are of some help to you.

I want so very much for you to find a new, joyful & meaningful life after depression as I have.

With treatment you will be able to see that your new life has been there all along, waiting for you like a long lost love.

The arms of life are waiting to embrace you.

Love and Hope,

Melody Clark,


Self-Help Video Chat


A Widow's Grief

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