June 2005

I have finally gotten my life back in order and am again working on the book every day.


The Detour

Back in 2001, my mother's life began sort of falling apart.

In a car accident, she was knocked unconsious by the air bag.

She started to change and in a year or so, could no longer talk very well,

her boyfriend left her, and could no longer manage her life.

Suddenly she had lost the man she loved, her company,

her home and her independence.

Needless to say she was very depressed.

So what's a daughter to do :)

She came to live with us on our acre property.

Whew !  She had a big life and

we had lots of downsizing and adjusting to do.

Now we finally have things arranged with a caregiver coming everyday

so that I can resume my work and my little Mother gets the care she needs.

Thank Goodness !

Me (age 51) & my mother (age 73)

I give her lots of vitamins too !


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