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About the Sessions

My experience

  • I am not a doctor or licensed counselor.
  • I have kept myself alive and mostly happy for 30 years now with nutritional supplements. 
  • I would absolutely not be able to stay alive without them.
  • I have uni-polar depression, not-bipolar and I am not experienced in all depressions.
    • But supplements can help in treating many depressions, disorders, and syndromes.

About the Sessions

  • We will self-assess the kind of depression you have
    and what makes you feel suicidal.
  • We will be focusing on what medical tests and supplements you might need to take; what medical tests you might need to get.
  • It will be a learning experience for me. I have not done this before officially but I know that when you teach, you learn.  You will be helping me learn how to better help you and others. We should try to record the sessions for both of our benefit.
Cost of sessions
  • The sessions will be free for now. I just want to see if I can help.
  • At some point you will need to have a little money for supplements - or we can come up with an amount to ask a family member to help you with.
  • In the future, if all goes well, I will probably need to charge a little money but maybe based on ability to pay. Might even charge as little as $10 for half an hour but I would have to see how it goes.
  • In the future there may be grant money or donations to help individuals with medical tests, supplements, doctor visits.

Not A Crisis or Emergency Contact

  • It will have to be understood that I am not a crisis or emergency contact.
  • You are not to commit suicide because you cannot get ahold of me.
  • I need you to really hang on to try to make your treatment finally work.
  • Hopefully you can begin to get some results that will help you have hope but of course I cannot promise or guarantee anything. 
  • The fact that I am still alive is my record, my review and testimonial.

Hours of Sessions – Pacific Time Zone

  • I cannot promise any specific hours or time frames that I will be online.
  • Afternoons and evenings will likely be my best times to offer.
  • I live in the Pacific Time Zone.
  • If we make an appointment, I will likely keep that appointment.

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