Self-Help Vitamin Coaching Video Chat

First Session Info - About You

I will need to know a bit about you before hand.

I will need ask you about some of these things:

Age, Male, Female, Other

Social issues

Work ? Where ?

Have children ?

Where you live, Live with anyone ?

What living family, family in your life or in contact with. Are they aware of your feelings ? Are they of any help, do they understand, can you talk to them - if not would they understand, could you talk to them ?

Do you have any other people in your life for emotional support.

Sexually active. Functional ?

What do you eat ?

Other health symptoms.

Taking any medications ?

About How You Feel

What type of depression or symptoms.

How suicidal right now ?  Have a plan ?

How often do you feel suicidal. When it first started in your life. What causes it to start up. What do you feel, think, do during these bad times ?

Ever attempted suicide ? - if so, how ? How many times, age when.

Relationship troubles ? Hurt feelings ?

What do you do when you have them ?

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