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My life is not perfect.

In the last 8 years, losing my two great loves - my precious mother, my beloved husband, has taken a lot out of me. (Widow's

I am not as strong and positive and joyful as I was.

My new life is more of a struggle, but I have learned so much from it.


But I am happy, I get by with what I have in a wonderful way.

I don't have as much money for the supplements I need.

I have learned and experienced things that I really had no clue about before.

I feel what I have learned will enable me to help others maybe better than before.


I am still so grateful for the life I have been given.

And I have been given another wonderful man to love...

But I am still not the same person I was - and I don't know who I am as much.

But I have made it through, and I am still glad to be alive.

I feel I can help people quietly, individually.

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