Why I Don't Offer E-mail Counseling

Besides the fact that I am not a medical doctor, licensed therapist, or counselor of any kind...

My calling, my chosen profession, and form of counseling has to be once removed, as a writer -- by way of my web sites and hopefully many books to come.

Years ago when I changed from guestbook to mailform, I began receiving many requests for personal help and counseling.

This is very sad for me because as much as I would like to just pick up the phone and call you directly...

I just can't offer any kind of personal counseling.  Spending my time writing can help many more people, especially work on my book.

When you read my website, and those of others, remember to stop and feel that we have written each page with you in mind.

We want nothing more than to shoulder some of your burden for a moment and to make you feel less alone, and most of all that there absolutely is hope...

We want you to feel a moment of love from someone who cares - because we want you to live.

Finding love and meaning is the purpose of this life - and it is there waiting for you. You just can't see it until you somehow correct your neurochemistry.

Each of us cannot be there personally for you, but let it be as if we have left you a personal note on your kitchen table or nightstand - we are hoping it will get you through the night and help you go on tomorrow...

Also - there are so many hotlines & counselors out there who are ready and willing to talk to you.

In my sites, I have hoped to point you in the right direction - that is - don't stop till you get the support, counseling, and treatment you need.

Love and Hope,

Melody Clark
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