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Have I Made You Angry or Upset ?
  • Because I Haven't Helped You,
  • You Don't Like What I've Said,
  • You Don't Like My Sites...

It will not help you to be angry with me...

Who cares what I say !?

Don't dwell on my sites - They just don't matter if they haven't helped you.

In your quest to feel better - I don't matter - You Matter.

There are thousands of other depression sites

Just go on to another site...

If I have said something you find offensive - You must not take it personally

I am writing from my own life experience - what I know and what I've been through.

It is written as advice and encouragement to whomever can find benefit from it. That's all I can do.

No ONE writer can reach ALL people and ALL personality types.

If you don't like what I say,
then what I say doesn't matter.

It does matter
you keep looking for help
does speak to your situation,
does comfort you.


A Few Search Term Suggestions

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Depression | Suicide | Mood Disorders | Mental Health | Mental Illness


More Specific Search Terms

Disorder Specific Treatment Specific Person Specific
Unipolar Antidepressants Women & Depression
Bipolar Prozac Men & Depression
Manic Depression Zoloft Men & Suicide
Postpartum Depression Paxil Children & Depression
Dysthymia Psychotherapy Seniors & Depression
Seasonal Affective Disorder - SAD Counseling,
Cognitive Therapy
Gays & Depression
Gays & Suicide
Anxiety Attacks Thyroid & Depression Men & Depression
Panic Disorder Hormones & Depression Men & Suicide
Male Suicide
Stress Disorder Vitamins & Depression Mania
Borderline Personality Disorder - BPD Food & Depression
Nutrition & Depression




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