Sending an Email to Your Doctor


Call the doctor's office for the following information:

1. Does the doctor receive e-mail from patients ?

2. If yes, how often does he/she read it or how soon could you expect a reply ?

3. Will the e-mail be confidential ?

4. What is the doctor's e-mail address ? ____________________________


Then COPY the text below and PASTE into your e-mail window, customize, and send.



Dear Doctor,

I am terribly depressed.

I am so very sad and cry all the time.

I am often suicidal and am afraid that I might not make it through.

I have been feeling this way for __________________ weeks. months, years.

My other symptoms are ___________________________

______________________________________________ .

I would like to try an antidepressant and/or see a therapist as soon as possible.

I feel so ashamed and I am too embarrassed to come in or even send this note.

Is there anyway you could call me ? or e-mail me ?

My Number is _________________________

The Best Time to Call Me is __________________________

Do I need to come in for an appointment ? or do I need a referral ?



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