Overcoming Obstacles to Treatment of Clinical Depression


Ashamed To Get Treatment

Why is it that 75% of people with depression
don't seek treatment ?

Why Not ? What holds them back ?

Why don't they do something about it ?

The truth is - so many just can't do it - even though they suffer needlessly, or commit suicide.

The very symptoms of depression, the very despair and hopelessness, and the pain caused by so many other self-perpetuating thoughts and feelings - literally immobilize.

But that's not all...

How family members, society as a whole, and how we ourselves perceive and react to depression can literally paralyze any efforts a person might make toward getting help.


Emotional Obstacles

Let's admit it - emotions can be hard to talk about for everyone.

Some people can find it "uncomfortable" to be around a person who is upset. It embarrasses them because they don't know what to say, or do, or how to help.

It can even be hard to hear or accept "I Love You" for some people and they barely acknowledge you have said it.

Lots of people are just not emotionally confident and even their own feelings make them uncomfortable.

So how are they going to react to or help a son or daughter, sibling, or parent with depression... ?



Depression carries a terrible social stigma from family, from others & from ourselves.

Unless you are going through a divorce, death or other trauma, people cannot understand depression.

Emotional pain in our society is seen as a personal weakness, not a symptom of a physical disorder, chemical imbalance or nutrient deficiency.

People still think you can just

  • Snap out of it
  • Decide for it to stop
  • "Will" it away

People innocently try to cheer us up, make light of it or talk us out of it

  • We all feel depressed sometimes.
  • Grin and bear it (actually, we - depressed people - do this a lot !!)
  • "Smile even though your heart is breaking"

And, uninformed people (co-workers, family, the doctor) can say terribly hurtful things which can paralyze any attempts a depressed person might make to get help.

  • Get a life, Get a grip, Get over it
  • Life is hard for all of us - what makes you so special !?
  • Oh, boo, hoo, she's gonna go kill herself ! What a manipulator ! She uses that to get whatever she wants. (These things were said about me.)

They just don't know that depression is a physical illness. Even depressed people don't get it.


Pent up emotions can be extremely difficult to talk about to anyone - even someone you are close to.

Even in a close family, having to tell someone how you feel is a risk and leaves you open, vulnerable to rejection and humiliation.

  • Will they believe you ?
  • Will you be taken seriously ?
  • Or will they make you feel foolish, weak, and horribly embarrassed ?
  • Will you be left alone once again with those dark and deadly emotions ?

No wonder depression is so hard to come to terms with - "Ask for Help" ? - ha !

Maybe you would almost rather die than admit you have it, tell anyone, let alone "get help".

Thus out of fear, many suffer alone and lonely.


Unrecognized Depression

There are lots of sufferers who just don't know they have depression, and innocently blame their misery and suffering on family, other people, and life circumstances.

Symptoms like

  • general unhappiness
  • low self-esteem
  • oversensitivity
  • difficulty getting along with others

are innocently blamed on other people and life circumstances.

"If the things and people in my life would
change, I would be alright..."
  • if only someone loved me
  • if I could stop fighting with my family
  • if I could make more money
  • if I weren't so tired
  • if only I were thin
  • It's the stress
  • The kids
  • The marriage
  • The job

"If only things were different,
I wouldn't feel so depressed"

If only they knew that it's HAVING Depression that CREATES lives where no one gets along and nothing works out.



It's just so hard to come to terms with these horrible feelings.

  • At first, you really don't get it - you don't know what's wrong.
  • We don't always know or even question our feelings.
  • You just push forward to get through the day.
  • You push it away - try to ignore how you feel.
  • Don't stop - don't talk about it - keep moving - keep working - hoping it will go away.
  • Sometimes you'll break down

Am I going crazy, or having a "nervous breakdown ?"

It takes time to realize... something is really wrong.

  • You try to get tough with it & tell yourself, "There's nothing WRONG with me."

Maybe you'll drink, or smoke, take drugs, or have an affair to cover it up.

  • There are lots of depressed people underneath cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, infidelity, and so on.
  • Nobody wants to have depression.



Depression comes with Utter Guilt, Shame, & Embarrassment for having these feelings.

  • We can feel it's Our Own Fault
  • We are weak, cowardly, wimpy for "giving in" to "feelings" and "weak" emotions.
  • Aren't we strong enough to "fight it ?"

"What's wrong with me - why can't I shake this ?"

  • Aren't we tougher than that ?
  • Do we have a lack of strength or goodness in our character or personality ?
  • Are we bad & deserve to be punished ?



We see our lives as meaningless & hopeless

  • We should never have been born.
  • It is our destiny to die
  • Treatment is hopeless
  • It's all drugs & psychotherapy
  • Nothing is going to help now or ever - Not enough to make living worthwhile.


We may fear losing control over our lives
We may fear not having choice, control or understanding of treatments

Fear of Being

  • dependant on antidepressant drugs
  • labeled "mentally ill"
  • locked up in an institution - drugged or hospitalized against our will
  • lost in the hands of the mental health system

Fear of change

  • There is even the fear of letting go of the depression itself.
  • Fear of letting go of the life you have known for a new and better life.
  • It may be the only life you have ever known.
  • What will it be like, how will you feel, who will you be ?



Depression is a disorder of perception.

  • A healthy brain chemistry creates a healthy reality.

The biochemistry of depression makes you feel & believe

  • that this depression is your fault
  • that you will never get better
  • and that you must die.

The depression itself is causing the very shame that prevents you from reaching for help.




Don't die of embarrassment, guilt or shame

Biology isn't personal.
Biology isn't our fault.

Your biochemistry isn't a character flaw or personal weakness.
  • There is no shame in having diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Parkinson's, Huntington's ALS, EMS, MS, Alzheimer's, appendicitis, or being hit by car !!
Other people will get other diseases. You have this one.

You must learn this, know this & believe this:

  • Depression is truly an innocent, shameless, blameless, physical disorder that makes you believe that something is wrong with YOU instead of your biochemistry.
  • It is not a mystery anymore. It isn't your fault & you have a physical disorder, imbalance or deficiency.
  • And the more you know & learn about your own biochemistry, the more often you will be able to see yourself and your illness as separate from yourself a split second at a time.



You Don't Have to Die
To Get Rid Of The Pain
Getting treatment is not all
drugs and psychiatry anymore.

The kind of treatment you get is up to you.

  • But you have to know something about it to make intelligent and informed choices.
  • And you are capable and intelligent.


The Basic Premise of Treatment

You MUST Restore Your Brain Chemistry To Get Better

You cannot just do nothing
and expect it to go away.

Somehow, someway, YOU MUST change, improve, or correct your brain chemistry before you will feel good again.

Many different treatment methods CAN contribute to a more normal, complete, & balanced brain chemistry.

See how I do it at



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