Overcoming Obstacles to Treatment of Clinical Depression



We, the Depressed, in our darkest hours have

No energy to move

No reason to live

No will to survive

No hope in a cure

No reason to try.

We roam the earth as the living dead

Wanting only to extinguish

That persistent heart that beats,

That ceaseless breath that enters,

That pain that never relents.


Every cell of our being wants to die,

Yet Do We Live.



Of People with Clinical Depression as a whole

Statistics vary but here you can get
the general idea of the problem:


33%, 50%, 75% are not diagnosed or treated

75% don't ask for help or try to get treatment

50% of cases are not recognized by doctors

75% who are being treated are undertreated


In other words, Most People with Clinical Depression

are not asking for treatment,

are not getting treatment, or

are not getting adequate treatment.



Talking About Treatment

Various Discussions on
  • Why We Don't Get Treatment
  • Getting Treatment in Spite of How We Feel
  • Social Stigma and more...


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