Question #4


What are Some of the Signs or Symptoms of Depression ?


Overly emotional Overly sensitive Unusually irritable
Excessively hostile
Easily upset
Easily angered
Irrational when angry, Violent when angry
Negative outlook about life in general Overly critical of self, of others, & situations Stressed-out, Burned-out, Can't get a job
Can't keep a job
Appears to be "lazy"
Tired all the time
Can't keep house even moderately cleaned up May let personal hygiene go Sleeps a lot
Can't sleep
Has verbally expressed hating life Makes subtle or blatant mentions of wanting to be dead Mentions wanting to be killed in an accident Wishes for a terminal illness
Doesn't want to see people much Doesn't want to go places or do things much Generally not happy Starts smoking, drinking, or using drugs
Not self-aware enough to realize there is a problem Takes it personally & denies anything is "wrong" with himself or herself Attributes a lifetime of these symptoms to "personality" A person can be depressed and suicidal and be completely unaware of it
It is possible that there are no visible symptoms at all A person can seem normal and happy due to perhaps adrenaline when around friends and family A person can suddenly become relieved & happy because they have a plan to kill themselves A person may even drop subtle hints to co-workers or strangers about a plan to commit suicide



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