Question #6


Do You Have To Feel Depressed
To Have Depression ?


Answer: No.

You can have depressive illness
without really feeling depressed.

If you don't feel real depressed or suicidal, but everything else in your life is wrong, you may have unrecognized depressive symptoms.


How can that be ? Symptoms vary on an individual basis. Not everyone who has depression has every single symptom. For some people, depression is a "life function disorder" more so or instead of exclusively a sadness & suicidal disorder.
Is it
harder to diagnose ?
I'd just say, it's easy to overlook and mistakenly attribute to lack of personal character or initiative. Although there are specific clinical types of depression you may or may not fit into one of the slots. I believe this is one reason why there is so much undiagnosed and untreated depressive illness... which is a major cause of suicide.
What Should I Do?
If I Think I Have
Depressive Illness
Learn about depression, check out the symptoms. Learn about the treatments for mild to moderate depressions. Choose a doctor, therapist or counselor to help guide you towards an acceptable moderate treatment.
What Other Life Symptoms... Might Indicate This Kind Of Depressive Disorder ?
You can't seem to function normally, You just can't get the hang of life and living... You ever ask yourself "What's wrong with me?"
You make foolish decisions, can't follow through on things, and nothing seems to work out. You have low self-esteem and possibly a myriad of other dysfunctional life symptoms. You may have an undiagnosed depressive disorder.

Why should I get treatment ?

Won't it just
go away ?

If it's been with you a long time, probably not. It would be more likely to get worse as you get older. And... Untreated depression can worsen gradually or suddenly and develop into a nervous breakdown, suicide, or homicide.
Don't let your life waste away. Dare to get some kind of treatment. Don't be afraid of happiness. Do what it takes to be the best you can be.



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