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How Does Depression Affect Your Life ?



Depression is a disorder that can ruin your life.

Untreated, the damage may never stop.

It can cause or lead to...  
family strife, breakdown, domestic violence, & divorce alienated children, spouse, mother, father, siblings crime, violence, homicide, prison loss of employment, poverty, homelessness

It prevents you from enjoying and living your life to the fullest

It prevents you from...    
expressing your true feelings because they are tainted with negativity loving and finding the love you need and deserve having love & understanding for your children, spouse & those you love understanding & forgiving yourself and those you love
feeling & expressing appreciation and gratitude towards those who help you having the self-esteem, self-worth, and yes, the self-love you deserve enjoying and appreciating the beauty inside people and all around seeking or finding god, spirituality, or the meaning humans are searching for

You miss out on
the sun, the moon, the stars, the sky, the universe, and cats & dogs

You miss out on...    
being happy a sense of humor loving & being loved getting along with people
vision and creativity, satisfaction
from work
fun, friends,
hope & faith joy for life and living




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