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"Suicide Survivor"
  • An individual who remains alive following the suicide death of someone with whom they had a significant relationship or emotional bond

John L. McIntosh, PhD 

Survivors of Suicide Curriculum



Judgmental Language That Promotes the Stigma
Associated with Suicide
- a must read !! KCET Channel 28 | "Living With Suicide"



1000 Deaths | Grief After Suicide

Starting A Suicide Survivors Support Group



American Foundation For Suicide Prevention
American Foundation For Suicide Prevention

Coping with the loss
of a loved one
AFSP Survivors Survivor Groups
State by State



The Suicide Paradigm

The Suicide Paradigm | Links



Surviving Our Loss After Suicide




Clinician Survivor Task Force

Therapists as Survivors of Patient Suicide

Personal communication by Marshall Swartzburg to Frank A. Jones, Jr.
in 1981, the day after a client committed suicide

Therapists as Survivors of Patient Suicide



Suicide Discussion Board

Suicide Discussion Board
Suicide Awareness, Support & Education

A Place for Support and Healing After A Suicide

Suicide Survivors Support Groups | Help & Comfort for Suicide Survivors


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State & Local Crisis Center Web Sites

Increasing Suicide Prevention In Your Area - What You Can do
    • Suicide Prevention for Schools
    • Starting A Suicide Prevention Program
    • Starting A Crisis Center or Suicide Hotline
    • Donations for Suicide Prevention

Statistics For Students | Becoming A Crisis Counselor

Crisis Call Chart

Internet Hotlines, Counselors, & Therapists
You Can Call or E-Mail | | SuicideCrisisCenter | | SuicidalTeens

DepressionFAQ | DepressionandSuicide | | Solemn Poetry | DepressionLinks



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