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Students and others often ask for help with statistics and perspectives for reports on depression and suicide, etc.

Here is a collection of links to help you create your report, essay, presentation, or term paper.



  • There is SO MUCH info on the internet about depression & suicide, that it's overwhelming.
  • But remember, no one can do your report for you.
  • Doing your own research: finding the information, understanding it, and thoughtfully putting it into your own words is part of the job. My husband is a college professor (!).
  • Hope this page will give you a head start.



My sites have a lot in them. You just have to go through & look for the info you need.

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My Apologies - I had to remove a lot of obsolete links on this page.
I will have to add more later.

If you find some good links, send them to me !  :)
Thank You !

These links should be good:

American Association of Suicidology


U.S. Government
Centers For Disease Control

CDC Statistics On Suicide


More Recent Suicide Statistics

Prepared by John L. McIntosh, Ph.D


MEN & SUICIDE Depression & Suicide FAQ


Mental Health Statistics


CDC Suicide Statistics


The Samaritans
Suicide Statistics in the UK


Good Luck !
Hope this helps a bit :) !!


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