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Gay & Suicidal

I don't know what it's like being gay.

I know statistics for the young and gay are high.

I do know about emotional pain.


When we have emotional pain, sometimes we know of a specific, immediate, acute contributing factor.  Someone said something to hurt us.  But IS it really the cause ?

Emotional pain - whatever or whomever causes it in your life right now doesn't matter.  When we are depressed, we often assign something to the cause of our depressed mood.  Often, if we knew the truth, it would have nothing to do with the reason we give it. 

Even if you believe you know the reason - right now - the underlying reason is more likely, the need for biochemical fortification.

Emotional pain can be reduced dramatically by treating it biochemically - with antidepressant drugs or with nutritional replacement therapy - the treatment I use.

Because you are gay, perhaps you expect to be hurt more, rejected more.  But the hurt and pain you feel is most likely a symptom of needing biochemical improvement.

Why should you be different ;) ?  It's the same for everyone - we have never known how important it was to eat to live.  We have always eaten in a way that has caused nutritional deficits, especially when it comes to emotional stability.

Please don't add stigma to yourself.  For this purpose, please try to see yourself as the same biochemical human organism as everyone else.

The brain needs nutrients to produce emotions and to resist over-reacting to stress.  The more stress we have, the more emotions we make and the more stress nutrients we use up and need to replace.

You can create your own love and acceptance inside yourself by learning how to refill yourself with the balanced emotion producing neurochemicals that can save you from a life of pain or self-murder.  Your emotional sensitivities can be made less permeable.  Your pain sensors turned down.

I'm not against anyone taking antidepressants if that's the best they can do for now or for ever.  But please don't die blaming other people and circumstances for all the hurt.  Yes - I really do know how devastatingly painful & hurtful life (people & circumstances) can be.

It is a different life when you get to know what biochemically and nutritionally makes you tick - what leaves you open and vulnerable, and what strengthens you from the inside and makes life hurt a lot less.  Less hurt means more happiness.  Less doubt means more confidence.  Less anger means more love.


Don't let the slings and arrows of life do you in.

Take your emotional life and your value
as a human being
into your own hands.

Love and Hope,
Melody Clark



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