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Should We Always Hurt The One(s) We Love ?


Love is what we all want and need.  We want to feel love for others, and have love and acceptance from others.  We want to feel valuable and worthy.  And we need to be able to get along with others around us.

But people can be difficult to get along with and hard to understand. Let's face it - this is one of life's biggest challenges, wouldn't you say ?

And no wonder - if we get hurt, offended and mad at every other thing said to us, who will want to be around us ?  I could not even stand myself.  I had been married 3 times before - in other words - divorced 3 times.

When we are upset, we become irrational and emotionally off balance.  We feel and therefore believe that any amount of anger or any temper tantrum we want to throw is justified Why ?  Primarily because we don't know that there is any other way.  We think that this is just "how we are." We think, "this is just my personality."

When we become upset, and we argue with hateful passion - it almost seems as if we have lost our sanity.  When our feelings are hurt, we might say or do anything to strike back and hurt the one who hurt us.  During that time of upset, we no longer seem to love that person any more.  And love - is - lost.

This is what we need to stop from happening. This is what chips away at the tender love and committment that can keep us friends for a lifetime.

And when the upset subsides, when we are in our right mind - our sane, non-upset, un-mad, balanced, centered mind - we realize how "mad (mad i.e. crazy, insane ?)" we were, and how badly we behaved, and the terrible the things we said to someone we truly love.

Nothing makes me more unhappy than being upset with someone I love.  In my past, when I was very upset, I would spiral down into terrible suicidal episodes.

But when I began treating my depression with nutritional supplements many years ago - I got a wonderful surprise.

I discovered that I was no longer as overly sensitive or as easily upset. And if I did get a little offended, I could let it go sooner, and I didn't have to get so mad.

I could be less angry to begin with, and I could listen to reason, I could accept what my sweet husband would say were or were not his intentions.  I did not have to hold onto the perception of a comment as negative or insinuative when there was no such intention.  And I could more easily say I 'm sorry for getting mad.

Now I can be trusted to have better, more reasonable, kinder responses to others, especially to my 4th husband of 19 years.  That's 19 years of love I could not have had without the tempering of my temperament with supplements.

Therapeutic use of supplements can increase the capacity for reason, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and therefore the capacity for love.

When we are less oversensitive and overreactive, minor irritations and disagreements don't have to become angry, name-calling, personally critical arguments based on nothing important.  Reason can help us see and overcome our irrational anger and help diffuse extreme emotional or violent situations.

Arguing less, means less love lost, more love retained and cultivated.

We all want to feel good about ourselves and good towards others.  With supplements in our lives, we can love and forgive better, understand more.  We can feel better about the person we are becoming.

Through nutritional biochemistry, we can make more rational decisions.  We act and react better to the people and situations we encounter each day.  Our lives can change course and go in a new direction as we alter our very destiny.


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