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Men & Depression

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Men, You Are Our Heroes


As a fantastic side effect of treating my depression,

I found in amazement that my easy-to-anger, oversensitive personality was greatly improved.

It would often be when I became angry and upset with a loved one, that I would spiral down into a suicidal episode.

Men, you are our heroes.

If you find a way to curb your anger and rage and preserve sanity & reason, you will find the adoration and admiration of the women and children in your life.

A grouchy, irritable, moody man makes everyone miserable and afraid - and lose respect for you as a man.

My father was never violent, ever - but he was always grouchy. When I was 14, it made me feel suicidal and he never knew it. Sometimes I would feel like stabbing a butcher knife into my chest. I spent the whole summer contemplating my death.

Personally, I am the most unhappy when I am angry with someone I love.

With the supplements I take to keep my depression away, I am also able to keep my anger responses lower - and my sense of humor, understanding, and forgiveness higher.

Am I forcing myself with will ?

No, the supplements do it for me.  They change the chemical emotional reactions inside the brain and body.

Anger can ignite so quickly like striking a match against the flint.

The supplements give you more of the balancing nutrients you need to make it harder to become angry so quickly, or to stay angry so long - like trying to strike a wet match.

Nutritional biochemistry gives you the power. You're a guy, right ? You aren't afraid of mechanical things, right ? Why be afraid of your own brain chemistry ?

If you can operate your computer, work on your car, trade stocks, play the guitar or piano, fix the lawn mower or the toilet, or if you can cook... you can learn about the mechanics of your brain and how powerfully you can affect & improve the emotions you feel each day.

Yes, my book will be out eventually.  But if I figured it out, so can you.

Why not start now ?
Why, because you need help now.


You can preserve your marriage;
be an example for your kids.


I adore my husband. He is my Superman. He takes his supplements everyday. He laughs at me instead of becoming annoyed or irritated. We never fight, unless we are out of certain supplements or if I don't take mine !!

Hubby & Me

Do we have a boring artificially polite relationship - no!  We have a fun, funny, interactive, love-affair, friendship :)


Even my Pop takes his vitamins now :)
He is my Superman too :)


  • To our fathers, husbands, brothers, and uncles...

We need you, we love you.

Please stay with us, learn, fight for your life, live, and love.

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