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"Wednesday's Child  is Full of Woe"

Everyone Who Has Depression Feels
Like A "Wednesday's Child"

Wednesday's Child
born to live
a meaningless life
of agony and sorrow,
never belonging to life,
only destined for death...
Through my web sites and future publications, I hope to help every "Wednesday's Child" see that a new and bright future is out there waiting to be discovered, lived, and loved...



This old nursery rhyme "Day's of the Week" is said to have been written
to help children learn the days of the week.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

There are several versions, but this is the one passed
down through my family.

And, Yes, I was born on a Wednesday...



Monday's Child is fair of face

Tuesday Child is full of grace

Wednesday's Child is full of woe

Thursday's Child has far to go

Friday's Child is loving and giving

Saturday's Child works hard for a living

But Sunday's Child is fair and wise

and good and gay

author unknown

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